Natural Chicken

Our chickens arrive via USPS from a hatchery in Quakertown, PA at 1 day of age. They are offered free choice Game Bird Crumbles and water under a heat lamp for approximately 2 weeks. At which point they are relocated to our “Chicken Tractor” (again equipped with free choice food and water) in a two acre field with our pleasure horses. There they are moved twice a day, offering not only incredible fertilizer to our pasture, but fresh green grass on which to lie in the sun!At 8 weeks of age our chickens are taken to a USDA approved facility for the processing of poultry, the result...FRESH, NATURAL, PASTURE RAISED chicken ready for your enjoyment!!!!

Chicken Packaging/Sizing

Chickens weigh approx 4-6 pounds each and are sold whole or available in breasts, thighs, wings, or drumsticks in cryovaced packaging.

Natural Chicken

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