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Lyn-Dell Farm was begun over 50 years ago by our grandfather, Burton Lynde, who now at 96 years young has turned the farm over to his capable grandson, Todd A. Russell. Upon taking the reins nearly 21 years ago, Todd began improving upon the solid base that Burt created and making it even better. Now over fifty head strong and growing, we have implemented some of the finest Hereford genetics from across the country in an effort to create cattle that are not only superior in the show ring and in the pasture, but also in their carcass qualities.

In our pursuit of excellence, it became necessary in 2000 to build our 36' x 60' show barn, as the original barn (which remains across the street still) was no longer capable of fulfilling our needs. Upon the new barn's completion, it became apparent that the land on which the farm was built would not be able to sustain the cattle on its own, and the need for more land for pasture and winter feed became essential.

Now in addition to the 20 acres at the farm, we also rent 100 acres in Carlisle and Pepperell, Massachusetts, where many of our cattle spend much of their spring, summer and fall.

Pepperell is also home to our hay and corn crops that sustain our cattle through the winter months as grass becomes unavailable. We take great pride, not only in our cattle, but also what goes into our cattle, and that is why we produce all of our own feed. We believe that in order to get the best, you must begin with the best.

With all of the great feed and quality genetics of our cattle, we thought it was time to start exhibiting our cattle on the show circuit. Lyn-Dell Farm can be seen exhibiting cattle in Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Virginia. We have traveled as far west as Wisconsin for the Junior Nationals, as well as Kentucky and Missouri. It is a well know philosophy here at Lyn-Dell that you must build a solid foundation, for a strong future, and that future has begun as our children, grandchildren, and niece and nephew have taken quite a liking to the cattle industry. In today's uncertain world it is very important to us that our family remains together, and the cattle have been the glue that binds us. Our "children" travel with us to many of the shows and exhibit most of our cattle. Not only are they learning the importance of responsibility, but are gaining many new and lasting relationships with fellow breeders and exhibitors. Very important stepping stones on the road of life!!!

Having bred, raised and consumed our own cattle for so many years, we felt it was time to begin offering the same quality product that we have fed our family, to the public. Lyn-Dell Farm now offers our naturally raised beef for sale in many variations. Whether you are looking to feed an army or just a family of two, we can accommodate your needs. Family and cattle are the foundation by which we have chosen to build our lives, and we would love to become a part of yours. Please stop by and visit anytime, we would love to meet you.

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